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Law enforcement and prosecutors in Spartanburg and Greenville take drunk driving charges seriously. The consequences for a conviction for a driving under the influence charge are far-reaching — and can extend beyond the DUI penalty ordered by the court. Not only is jail time a concern, but fines, increased insurance rates and a potential impact on future job or academic opportunities are all possible if you are convicted of DUI/DWI.

The Schultz Law Firm, LLC, is dedicated to providing quality criminal defense representation at a reasonable price. Our lawyers zealously fight to protect our clients’ right through hard work, deep knowledge of the law and experience in the local courts.

The DUI Defense Services Our Law Firm Provides

If you are accused of drunk or drugged driving, the attorney you choose can have a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Our skilled lawyers are prepared to effectively address all aspects of your DUI defense, including:

  • Field sobriety testing. These exercises are designed to lead to your arrest. Our law firm will fully review the procedures and evidence related to FSTs to zealously guard your rights.
  • Driver’s license suspensions. A breath test refusal or high alcohol content will likely lead to the suspension of your license. Challenging the suspension is handled separately from the criminal charges and it is vital to request a hearing in a limited time frame.
  • Repeat drunk driving offenses. The consequences for repeat offenses far exceed what is available for a first-time DUI penalty. As the stakes are raised, the need for the help of an experienced and aggressive DUI defense attorney increases significantly to protect your future.
  • Prescription medication and drugged driving charges. South Carolina law prohibits driving under the influence of drugs, including medications if the substance (or combination of substances) causes sufficient impairment. We will fully review your circumstances and fight to protect your interests.

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Our law firm provides flexible scheduling, free initial consultations, and visits to you when you are in jail. To learn how we can help you, contact the Schultz Law Firm, LLC, online or call our office in Spartanburg at 864-256-4286.

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