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Any felony-level criminal charge can have significant impact on an individual’s life. The potential loss of freedom that can follow a conviction is a concern. However, few criminal charges carry the same level of stigma that is associated with a sex crime charge. At the Schultz Law Firm, LLC, we are not here to judge our clients.

Our top priority is providing skilled, goal-oriented criminal defense to individuals accused of crimes in Spartanburg, Greenville and surrounding communities.

Sex crime charges carry a wide range of important concerns. A person suspected of a sex crime can experience significant adverse impact in all aspects of life. Oftentimes, an individual may be aware of an investigation before any formal charges are filed. It is critical for anyone suspected of an offense to obtain the representation of an experienced sex crime defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect his or her rights. You have the right to representation, even before an indictment or formal charges are handed down.

Anyone suspected of a crime has the right to remain silent. It may be tempting to try to explain adverse circumstances. A skilled criminal defense lawyer is crucial in protecting your rights. The only person you should speak with about any criminal investigation is a qualified defense lawyer.

Trial-Tested Criminal Defense Attorney

Our founding lawyer, E. Joshua Schultz, has been a criminal defense lawyer in South Carolina since 2005. He was admitted to practice in federal court in 2008. He has been providing effective criminal defense representation for his entire professional career. His vast trial experience and knowledge of the justice system are valuable assets on which you can rely.

The penalties for sex offenses are wide-ranging. Sex offender registration requirements, significant jail or prison time and impact on every aspect of your life are likely consequences if you are convicted of a sex offense. Whether you are falsely suspected or accused of rape, sexual exploitation or criminal sexual conduct with a minor, an Internet sex crime or any other sex offense, you have legal rights to zealously protect. We are not here to judge you, but to fight vigorously for your rights.

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