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The demands of facing any legal challenge can be overwhelming. When your legal matter involves a criminal investigation, an arrest or a traffic citation, the lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case — and your future. The trusted attorneys at the Schultz Law Firm, LLC, are dedicated to providing vigorous legal representation in the area of criminal defense.

Experienced And Aggressive Criminal Defense

Our founding lawyer has served Spartanburg, Greenville and surrounding communities as a criminal defense attorney for nearly a decade and is a trial-proven lawyer who aggressively guards the rights of each and every client. He has experience across the spectrum of criminal law vigorously defending individuals in cases ranging from traffic offenses to murder allegations. Our criminal defense lawyers are committed to aggressively guarding the rights of our valued clients.

E. Joshua Schultz applies his deep knowledge of criminal law, constitutional rights and his extensive experience in criminal court to vigorously challenge charges for our clients. Drug possession and trafficking charges can lead to mandatory sentencing and other harsh consequences. We understand the significant impact DUI convictions can have on your privilege to drive, your pocketbook and your future. Attorney Schultz has solid trial experience, vigorously defending the rights of individuals who have been accused of crimes.

Our firm will diligently fight for your rights in obtaining the most favorable outcome, including dismissal, acquittal or reduced charges depending upon the unique circumstances of your case.

Many crimes can carry collateral consequences well beyond the sentencing power of the court. Domestic violence crimes can impact your right to bear arms. Charges involving sex crimes often have significant impact on an individual’s reputation and carry the potential for mandatory registration requirements. White collar crimes can have a significant impact on a business.

Providing Personalized Attention To Your Case

We have a client-centered approach to the law. When you retain our firm, we listen attentively to your concerns, diligently review every aspect of your legal problem and craft the legal strategy best suited to attaining the most favorable outcome, with a focus on your goals and concerns.

There is no such thing as a minor crime. Every arrest brings with it potentially disastrous consequences. Therefore, whether it’s a traffic stop or felony offense, we make every effort to provide you quality representation while providing your matter the attention it deserves.

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We care about the people we represent. Our law firm offers free consultations, with flexible scheduling. We frequently make jail visits. To arrange an appointment, send us a message using our online contact form or call us at 864-256-4286.

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