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Prescription Drug DUI Defense Representation

Members of law enforcement in Spartanburg and Greenville aggressively seek to enforce South Carolina’s driving under the influence charges. Our culture often associates DUI charges with drunk driving. However, the law also prohibits driving under the influence of any drug or combination of substances that materially and appreciably impair an individual’s ability to drive.

Many people are shocked to learn that driving under the influence of a duly prescribed medication, or even an over-the-counter substance, can lead to drugged driving charges.

It is crucial to understand that a DUI charge is not a finding of guilt. Whether you are accused of driving under the influence of illicit drugs or duly prescribed medications, our law firm is here to help. We will meet with you face-to-face to discuss every aspect of your situation, attentively listen to your goals and concerns, and give you straightforward answers about your legal options.

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We draw on the solid DUI defense experience of our lead lawyer, E. Joshua Schultz, to analyze the legal and factual problems in the government’s case. We work hard and efficiently to obtain the most favorable outcome, based on the goals of our valued clients. Reducing the penalty to a fine, seeking dismissal of the charges, an alternative process to resolve the case or taking the case to trial are all viable defense options to consider.

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Prescription drug DUI charges require the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your ability to drive was materially and appreciably impaired. We are relentless against the prosecution in challenging drugged driving charges.

For a free initial meeting with a skilled trial lawyer, contact the Schultz Law Firm, LLC, online now or call our office at 864-256-4286.

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