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When Facing Repeat Violence Criminal Offenses

Criminal domestic violence charges are enhanceable offenses. That means that a prior conviction will increase the potential criminal penalties available for a new, or repeat domestic violence offense. Mandatory minimum sentencing, increased fines and additional damage to an individual’s reputation are concerns for alleged repeat offenders.

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The attorneys at the Schultz Law Firm, LLC, are committed to working hard to protect the interests of our valued clients. If you are accused of repeat domestic assault or battery, we understand the emotional toll that the allegations can bring, in addition to our deep understanding of the significant consequences that you are facing if a conviction is entered.

E. Joshua Schultz founded our firm to provide people in the Greenville and Spartanburg communities with a quality legal resource to fight charges in criminal court.

We treat every client with care and compassion. Our focus is on providing comprehensive and aggressive criminal defense representation to obtain the best possible outcome.

Exploring Your Every Option

Our lawyers do not take the information in a police report at face value. We are driven to explore every aspect of a criminal charge to craft the best legal strategy to challenge the prosecutor’s case. If necessary to protect the rights of our clients, we will bring in a trusted investigator to gather statements and evidence. The principles of hard work, efficiency and rigorous criminal defense services are clear strengths of the firm.

Repeat CDV charges and domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature are high-stakes cases. Mandatory minimum sentencing is a vital concern. While the criminal court may order that an individual have no contact with an alleged victim, the victim of CDV offenses are often referred to family court for an order for protection hearing. The South Carolina Protection From Domestic Abuse Act authorizes the family court to issue restraining order, which may include provisions to address alimony, support and child visitation.

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