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Understanding No-Contact Orders And Restraining Orders

In situations involving allegations of domestic violence, South Carolina law allows the court to impose no-contact orders in a criminal case, or in family court upon petition of an alleged victim. These restraining orders may require that a person stay away from his or her own home, if the alleged victim continues to live in the residence. Similarly, a no-contact order issued in family court may set forth support and child visitation provisions. A family court protection order often remains in effect for up to one year.

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The Schultz Law Firm, LLC, is a trusted criminal defense and family law resource for men and women in Greenville, Spartanburg and surrounding communities. Our firm has experience in effectively representing individuals in all aspects of order for protection hearings. The lawyers at our firm are passionate about providing solid guidance to men and women when problems arise in a domestic relationship leading to both criminal and civil allegations.

It is crucial for an individual to choose an attorney experienced in criminal domestic violence and family court proceedings. Our law firm zealously fights for men and women in domestic relations disputes. We care about people and are dedicated to obtaining the most favorable outcome for each client.

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Let our trusted lawyers guide you through a difficult and emotionally stressful time while vigorously protecting your rights. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and quality legal services to allow you to move toward a brighter future. Call 864-256-4286 to arrange a confidential free initial consultation with a compassionate lawyer or contact us online.

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