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Spartanburg Traffic Citations Legal Representation

While traffic fines may at first appear to be small, each citation brings along with it an increase of points on your driving record that ultimately increase the amount of insurance premiums you pay. Too many points on your record ultimately can lead to your losing all of your driving privileges.

The attorneys at Schultz Law Firm, LLC, are experienced litigators who daily represent South Carolina drivers charged with traffic violations. We understand the penalties that accompany traffic citations and fight to minimize or even eliminate the consequences.

Traffic Citations Sometimes Need To Be Fought

The vast majority of drivers pay fines for traffic tickets without ever going to court. While contesting charges sometimes may seem fruitless, having our experienced lawyers on your side often proves beneficial. Having an attorney present makes a significant difference in the outcome of your traffic matter. We have the courtroom experience to vigorously fight traffic charges of all kinds. Our attorneys routinely represent clients charged with speeding, DUI and other drinking-related offenses, and driving with a suspended license.

E. Joshua Schultz will meet with you one-on-one while discussing what happened to lead to the traffic stop. Our office will also keep you informed and up to date regarding every aspect of your matter. We understand what constitutes a valid traffic stop, and what defenses you can raise. Depending on the circumstances, we can negotiate for a lesser sentence. Should it be necessary, we will argue your case in front of a judge.

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